In the Yard – Female Factories Forum

Welcome to the Parramatta Female Factories Forum.

This is the place for all kinds of conversations about female factories, particularly Parramatta. If you have a female factory ancestor – the women, or staff or perhaps ancestors born at the factory then this is the place to share your connection. perhaps you are just passionate about this part of Australian History and these women’s stories then we want to hear from you. perhaps you have news about the current factory sites or you have a connection to the other 12 related female factory sites your conversation is welcome.

This is an informal conversation site, like a back yard or perhaps one of the factory yards.

Don’t forget to check out the female factory story focus on this site for insights into the life of one of the women.

4 thoughts on “In the Yard – Female Factories Forum”

  1. Chris,

    I have only found a Margaret McHenry in our records so Mary is a new factory woman for our lists. Certainly if any information crosses my desk I will send it on. She was in the factory during one of the five known riots. In 1833 it was over head shaving.

    1. Gay,
      Thank you for your response. I am interested in Mary McHenry, as my mother’s maiden name was McHenry and am wondering if she is related.
      I came across Mary’s name in book titled “Colonial Ladies, Lovely, Lively and Lamentably Loose” by Judith Dunn. At page 132 there is a reference to Mary McHenry in a Police Incidence report of May 29, 1833.

      I thought I had found some information regarding a Mary McHenry as a passenger on the Duchess of Northumberland, but I cannot find the page in my History.
      I would be very interested if you do have any information.

      Chris Cudmore

      1. Chris,

        I know the reference. Most stories are either from the newspaper and police gazette. I did a quick search of the Sydney Gazette and the Australian Biographical Database. An entry came up on the second on the Duchess of Northumberland. It seems she came free. The four common ways women were in the factory were: being sent out on a convict ship and waiting assignment; convict women committing a secondary offence in the colony; free women ‘laying in’ at the hospital or free woman committing an offence. If this is your ancestor on the Duchess of Northumberland then she has committed an offence in the colony.I will send you the documentation I have.


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