Parramatta Female Factory Museum – Object Gallery 2

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Welcome to the Online Parramatta Female Factory Museum and Heritage Resource. You have now entered Object Gallery 2 which shares images relating to the Governor Macquarie purpose built factory designed by Francis Greenway.

The first stone for Macquarie commissioned and Francis Greenway designed female factory was laid in 1818 and the women who were in the first female factory were transferred over to this new site in 1821. This site operated until 1848 when it was converted into the Parramatta Lunatic Asylum.

The 1820s saw additional ranges and sleeping quarters and separation of the spaces to accommodate three classes. The first class were women who had just disembarked from the transportation voyage or women waiting assignment. The second class were poorly behaved first class or well behaved 3rd class women and third class was for women who had reoffended in the colony. Crimes varied from larceny and violent crimes to being pregnant on assignment.

Images below are historic images of the Macquarie commissioned female factory. Click on the images for larger view and slideshow:

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