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Welcome to the Online Parramatta Female Factory Museum and Heritage Resource. You have now entered Object Gallery One which shares images relating to the context of the female factory women’s  transportation journey.

The convict women were ordinary women in extraordinary circumstances. It was an historical period prefaced by the agrarian revolution, industrial revolution, American War of Independence, French Revolution and resulting social revolution. Over 90% were first and second time offenders. The convict women were considered lazy, illiterate, profligate and from a crime class. They were for the most part just trying to survive their circumstances.
The journey to the Colony of NSW varied according to the period the women were transported and the particular ships. Early in the transportation period there were less attention to the experience of the women. Later the women were under the care of surgeon superintendents during the voyage which gave a greater possibility of decent treatment. Some voyages were reasonable others ended in disaster, such as the Amphitrite and the Neva.
Gallery relating to voyage:
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The first female factory was in Parramatta and is included in this image on the far right. It was the room above the gaol.

Parramatta c1804 – State Library of NSW Collection


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